Hybrid Inverter Solution

 Hybrid inverter

Hybrid inverters are an important part of modern renewable energy systems, acting as the link between renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines and the grid. These inverters are designed to convert the direct current (DC) power generated by these power sources into alternating current (AC) power for use in homes and businesses.

The basic functions of a hybrid inverter include converting DC power to AC power, providing grid stability and ensuring smooth integration of renewable energy into the existing grid. In addition, hybrid inverters often include advanced features such as energy storage capabilities and smart grid capabilities, allowing for greater flexibility and control over energy management.


 There are several types of hybrid inverters, each with its own unique characteristics and applications:


Single-phase inverter intended for use in small-scale business and residential settings. These inverters are perfect for tiny renewable energy systems since they are efficient and compact. Additionally, they are adaptable and able to manage a range of solar panel arrangements and grid connection needs.

Within the renewable energy sector, a novel kind of inverter that is gaining popularity is the high voltage hybrid inverter. Because of their ability to accept DC inputs at greater voltages, these inverters can convert energy more efficiently and work better with solar panels that use more advanced technologies.

Large commercial and industrial systems frequently use 3 phase hybrid inverter. These inverters can produce more energy and maintain grid stability because of their more complicated design and capacity to manage larger power outputs.

Advantages and Applications of Hybrid Inverters

Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter
3 phase hybrid inverter

Due to their numerous benefits and applications, hybrid inverters are becoming increasingly popular in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

The ability of hybrid inverters to smoothly transition between several power sources is one of its key benefits. Because of their versatility, they can easily transition to grid power when solar power becomes insufficient and maximize their utilization of solar power while it is available. In addition to lowering energy expenses, this guarantees a steady and dependable power supply, which is essential for both home and business applications.

1. By optimizing the utilization of solar energy, hybrid inverters have the potential to drastically lower electricity costs in residential settings. Through clever management of the solar energy generated by rooftop panels, these inverters can assist households in becoming less reliant on the grid and more energy independent. Hybrid inverters can also supply backup power during grid outages, guaranteeing the continued operation of vital appliances and machinery.

2. Equally appealing are the benefits of hybrid inverters in commercial and industrial environments. These inverters can assist companies in using solar energy more effectively, which can lower energy bills and their carbon footprint. They can also offer a steady, dependable supply of electricity, which is essential for companies that depend on an ongoing energy source to run.

In order to elucidate the advantages of hybrid inverters, let us examine an actual instance. Installing high voltage hybrid inverters can drastically lower energy expenses and a commercial property's reliance on the grid. By utilizing solar energy and smoothly transitioning between solar and grid power, the hotel may save a lot of money while maintaining a steady supply of electricity for its operations.

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Star Products

Deye Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter 12kW SUN-12K-SG04LP3-EU

A brand-new, three-phase hybrid inverter(12kw hybrid inverter) that ensures system dependability and safety at a low battery voltage of 48V.

High power density and compact design.

It expands the application situations by supporting an imbalanced output and a 1.3 DC/AC ratio.

Multiple ports give the system intelligence and flexibility.

SUN-12K-SG04LP3-EU Model Number: 33.6KG Maximum DC Input Power: 15600W Rated AC Output Power: 13200W

Dimensions (W x H x D): 422 x 702 x 281 mm; IP65 protection level

Deye 8kw SUN-8K-SG01LP1-US Split Phase Hybrid Inverter

Vibrant touch LCD with IP65 protection
Six charging/discharging time intervals with a maximum charging/discharging current of 190A
Maximum of 16 parallel DC and AC couples to upgrade the current solar system
95.4% maximum battery charge efficiency
4 ms quick switch from on-grid to off-grid mode to ensure proper operation of the conventional fixed frequency air conditioner

Power: 50kW, 40kW, 30kW

Temperature Range: -45~60℃

Voltage Range: 160~800V

Size: 527*894*294MM

Weight: 75KG

Warranty: 5 Years

Deye SUN-50K-SG01HP3-EU-BM4 High Voltage Hybrid Inverter

• 100% unbalanced output, each phase;
Max. output up to 50% rated power
• DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing solar system
• Max. charging/discharging current of 100A
• High voltage battery, higher efficiency
• Max. 10pcs parallel for on-grid and off-grid operation; Support multiple batteries parallel

50kw hybrid inverter

Power: 50kW, 40kW, 30kW

Temperature Range: -45~60℃

Voltage Range: 160~800V

Size: 527*894*294MM

Weight: 75KG

Warranty: 5 Years

Deye 3 Phase Solar Inverter 10kW SUN-10K-SG04LP3-EU

Brand 10kw solar inverter with low battery voltage 48V, ensuring system safety & reliability.

It supports a 1.3 DC/AC ratio, unbalanced output, extending the application scenarios.

Equipped with several ports, which makes the system smart & flexible.


Model: SUN-10K-SG04LP3-EU

Max. DC Input Power: 13000W

Rated AC Output Power: 11000W

Weight: 33.6KG

Size (W x H x D): 422mm × 702mm × 281mm

Protection Degree: IP65