Solar Panel

Solar panels are an essential product in the field of renewable energy. Whether for residential, commercial, or large-scale power plant projects, solar panels are necessary.

Currently, there are many different styles of solar panels available:

1. Based on style, they can be divided into rigid solar panels and flexible solar panels:
Rigid solar panels are the conventional type that we often see. They have high conversion efficiency and can meet various environmental needs. However, they are large in size and heavy in weight.
Flexible solar panels have a flexible surface, small volume, and convenient transportation. However, their conversion efficiency is relatively lower.
2. Based on different power ratings, they can be categorized as 400W, 405W, 410W, 420W, 425W, 450W, 535W, 540W, 545W, 550W, 590W, 595W, 600W, 645W, 650W, 655W, 660W, 665W, and so on.
3. Based on color, they can be categorized as full-black, black frame, and frameless.

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