LFP Battery

As a leading brand in the solar energy industry, Deye has a strong demand for its energy Lifepo4 Lithium Ion storage battery in the market. Products like SE-G5.1 Pro, BOS-GM5.1, etc., are highly sought after.

Our batteries come in various capacities, including 5kWh, 6kWh, 10kWh, 12kWh, 18kWh, and 24kWh batteries etc., catering to different user requirements. What is currently popular in the market are 5kWh battery and 10kWh solar sotrage battery.

Apart from high-voltage and low-voltage batteries, we also have our own battery brand---Menred. We currently have our own company in Germany and maintain a long-term inventory.

In China, we have our own battery production line, and our batteries adopt CATL' A+ battery cells. To facilitate better management of each battery cell's operation status, we have independently developed a BMS system based on market demand.

Additionally, our batteries feature quick matching capabilities. Users can simply select the corresponding brand of inverter on the screen, and the battery will automatically adjust to the corresponding matching parameters, addressing user concerns about inverter-battery compatibility.

To ensure product quality, we conduct two rounds of testing before delivery: one during production and another before packaging.