eZsolar M01 800W Micro Inverter Balcony Solar Storage System with 1.5kWh 2.5kWh Lifepo4 Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion(LFP)

Nominal Voltage: 51.2V

Nominal Capacity:  30Ah

Total Energy: 1.536kWh

Operating Voltage: 48-57.6V

DC Input Voltage range: 10-90V

Cycle Life:6000C

Operating Temperature: -20~50℃

Product Warranty: 3 years

Performance Warranty: 5 years

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balcony solar system

According to a survey, there are currently over one million households in Germany that have installed Balcony Solar Systems, while the number of users with balcony solar storage battery is almost zero. Therefore, in terms of the overall market, there is a huge growth potential for balcony solar energy storage batteries in the future.

We are now introducing the eZsolar brand balcony solar storage battery with capacities of 1.5 kWh and 2.5 kWh, which can meet the daily needs of households.

Currently, our balcony energy storage system includes:

  • 800W micro inverter * 1pc
  • 410W Sunrising solar panels * 2pc
  • 1.5 kWh lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery * 1pc
  • solar panel brackets * 2 sets
  • 3 meters MC4 photovoltaic cables * 1 set
  • 5 meters micro inverter extension cable * 1pc
APP setting


You can set the charging and discharging time on the mobile phone, and also monitor the current status of the battery.

Battery Type Lifepo4 Ion Battery (LFP)
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Nominal Capacity 30Ah
Total Energy 1.536kWh
Operating Voltage 48-57.6V
DC Input Voltage Range [Udc Min-Udc max] 10-90V
MPPT Voltage 40-90V
Standard Charge / Discharge Current 15/15A
Input Current / Power [PV-BAT] ≤20A/50W-1000W
Output Current / Power [BAT-Inverter] ≤30A/0W-1200W
Cycle Life * 1 6000 , 25℃
Depth of Discharge *2 100%
Product Warranty 3 Years
Performance Warranty 5 Years
Operating Temperature -20~55℃
Ingress Protection IP65
Humidity 5% to 90% [no condensing]
Altitude Below 2000m
State LED * 1
Wifi LED * 1
Certification & Safety standards TUV / CE / IEC / UN38.3
Unit Dimensions [W*H*D] 490*249.5*170MM
Unit Weight 20kg

Our strength

We have complete certifications including TUV, CE, IEC, and UN38.3, which meet the certification requirements in different markets.

Our production capacity for this system can reach over 30,000 sets per month. However, there is currently a situation of demand exceeding supply.

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