Micro Inverter

Deye's hybrid inverters are not only loved by customers, but they also have a significant competitive advantage in the micro inverter field.

1MPPT: Deye 300W, 500W micro inverter;

2MPPT: Deye 600W, 800W, 1000W micro inverter;

4MPPT: Deye 1300W, 1600W, 1800W, 2000W micro inverter.

Among them, the Deye sun600g3-eu-230 and Deye sun800g3-eu-230 are our best-selling models. However, with changes in market demand and product updates, we have launched new models for 600W micro-inverters, 800W micro-inverters, and 1000W micro inverters------- Deye sun-m80g3-eu-q0, Deye sun-m60g3-eu-q0, Deye sun-m100g3-eu-q0.

As essential components in micro solar energy systems, Deye micro-inverters have always been in high demand in the market. Currently, our 800W micro inverter have already been completely sold out before production.

In addition, to conform to the policy requirements of different countries, our 800W micro inverters can currently be downgraded to operate at a power of 600W. Users can use the Solarman APP to configure the settings of the inverter accordingly. And of course, if you wish to restore it to its original power of 800W in the future, you can follow the instructions in the operation manual to make the necessary adjustments, and it will revert back to 800W from 600W.

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