NEOVOLT 3.6/5kW Inverter 10kWh Battery All-In-One Home Storage System

This residential ESS is with 3.6/5kW hybrid single-phase inverter and 10kWh battery module.

This product can capture more precise data for stricter VPP requirements.

Also, in off-grid scenario, this one has better performance and can work parallel.

  • Brand: Neovolt
  • Model: BW510
  • Max. AC Output Power: 3.6 / 5 kW
  • Battery Capacity Range: 10.1 - 60.5 kWh
  • Weight (Inverter): 19.5KG
  • Weight (Battery): 90KG
  • Dimensions (Inverter W x H x D): 590mm x 405mm x 205mm
  • Dimensions (Battery W x H x D): 590mm x 750mm x 205mm
  • Warranty (Inverter): 5 Years
  • Warranty (Battery): 10 Years
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